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The Dalesburg WELCA group has been busy making quilts this year to give away to several charities. Since we have a surplus of quilts we have decided to sell some on Lord’s Acre Sunday, November 21. The quilts will be on display on the pews starting November 7. The profit from the quilt sales will go to the local charities we support. This is a great idea for your early Christmas shopping!

151st Annual Misommar at Dalesburg


DLC Midsommar Items Available

If interested in ordering please contact Rachel Olemann at 605-321-7262 or via email droelmann@gmail.com

Coffee Mug – $15

T-Shirts – $20

Polar Tumblers – $25

Lefse Sticks – $20

(Lefse Sticks are sold out but if there is enough interest we can reorder)

Recipes of our Grandmothers

See Dalesburg’s Midsommar Smorgasbord Featured in Recipes of our Grandmothers 




What Ever Happened To…

What Ever Happened To…

The roll curtain that was in the west room at the Dalesburg (Country) School.

If you know what happened to it, or remember the last time you saw it, please contact Ron Johnson (ron@dalesburg.org) or Connie Richards.