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Midsommar at Dalesuburg – Friday June 23


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43rd Celebration of the St. Lucia Tradition in Dalesburg


Dalesburg Scandinavian Association – December Update

Weather permitting… Pandemic permitting…

Dalesburg Scandinavian Association will host the 43rd Celebration of the St. Lucia Tradition on

Sunday, December 11 at 3:00 p.m. at Dalesburg Lutheran Church.  Welcome! 

To learn about the Nordic tradition of St. Lucia in Sweden, please go to:   


To find out how Lucia is celebrated in the other Nordic countries, Google the name of the country and the name Lucia. 

For Sale:  The Book:  History of the Swedes Who Settled in Clay County, South Dakota and Their Biographies by August Peterson (1947).  Contact Ron Johnson for information at:  ron@dalesburg.org 

Dalesburg Midsummer Festival will be Friday, June 23 and Sunday, June 25, 2023.

For holiday giving with a Dalesburg touch, go to:  www.dalesburg.org or contact Ron Johnson.  There are quilts, t-shirts, mugs, cookbooks, etc. for sale. 



Fundraiser for Friends of Midsummer

Dalesburg-Made Yellow and Blue Tie Quilts – Two quilts available.

$150 / quilt + postage & handling.


Quilt 1

Quilt 2

If interested please email Ron at Ron@dalesburg.org

Payments will be sent to

Friends of Midsummer

30595 University Road

Vermillion, SD 57069-6507

Recipes of our Grandmothers

See Dalesburg’s Midsommar Smorgasbord Featured in Recipes of our Grandmothers 




What Ever Happened To…

What Ever Happened To…

The roll curtain that was in the west room at the Dalesburg (Country) School.

If you know what happened to it, or remember the last time you saw it, please contact Ron Johnson (ron@dalesburg.org) or Connie Richards.