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“Swede Books”


Reprints of the book History of the Swedes Who Settled in Clay County, South Dakota and Their Biographies by August Peterson (1947) are available by contacting:

Dalesburg Scandinavian Association
30595 University Road
Vermillion SD 57069-6507

or by contacting Ron Johnson at: ron@dalesburg.org.

The books are $25.00 per book plus postage & handling.  The book is a collection of over 253 biographies of the first Swedish immigrant families who settled inClayCounty, Dakota Territory /South Dakota.  The book consists of 383 pages.

Additional information about the history of the Dalesburg Community may be obtained from these sources:

Individuals can download the booklet: Tracing Your Swedish Ancestry by James E. Erickson and Nils William Olsson and published by the Swedish Information Service in New York. It is a good booklet to read if individuals are beginning to research their Swedish ancestors.

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Anniversary Booklets of Dalesburg Lutheran Church, Dalesburg Baptist Church, Komstad Covenant Church and Brooklyn Evangelical Free Church.

GUIDE TO HISTORIC SITES IN CLAYCOUNTYSOUTH DAKOTA. 1994. ClayCountyHistoric Preservation Commission.

Centennial Books of Beresford andCenterville,South Dakota

Winquist, Alan H.  SWEDISH-AMERICAN LANDMARKS.  Swedish Council ofAmerica1995.


 “Video Histories”


The following video is about Walter Lingberg who lived south of Hub City. He died around 1980. His grandson Rick Lingberg made this video years ago.






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