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2020 Lucia Celebration

The Lucia Celebration has been canceled.

One-Hundredth Anniversary 1920 Towers & Basement

It was Sunday, October 17, 1920. It was Confirmation at Dalesburg Lutheran Church. The new towers and new basement had just been finished. The bell had been returned to its lofty perch. In April of that year, the previous single tower had been removed and Mr. Crane from Centerville had raised the remaining structure so that a basement could be added under the building. Gottfrid Anderson, a local carpenter was hired to lead the construction of the basement and to build two towers of different height in the front of the church. Volunteers – men and women – helped with the project throughout the year. Sunday Services were held at the Garfield Township Hall. Gottfrid Anderson left the project in September to go to Sweden. Herman Zetterlund and Nils Johnson were the leaders who finished the project.

On October 26-27, 1920 the congregation hosted a gathering of the Sioux Falls District.* At this gathering a new altar, a new pulpit, new altar chairs and electric lights supported by an electric generating plant were blessed.

The beginning of 1920 had seen the Pastor and his wife affected with influenza.

*Sioux Falls District of the Minnesota Conference of the Augustana Synod.


Gottfrid and Nils (Nels) now rest from their labors at the Dalesburg Baptist Church Cemetery.  Herman now rests from his labors at the Dalesburg Lutheran Cemetery.  The volunteers also rest from their labors, and… the Confirmation students also rest from the labor of their Confirmation recitation. 

Thank Be To God. 


Anna’s Lilies: A Legacy of Hope

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Midsommar Weekend – At Home!

Celebrate Midsommar on June 20 with a virtual weekend hosted by the American Swedish Institute!  ASI is offering an online Midsommar Celebration with activities and resources that you can enjoy at home, in the park or wherever you are. 

Visit the event page at https://www.asimn.org/midsommar2020

Dalesburg Lutheran Church Memorial Day Rememberance

2020 Dalesburg Midsummer Festival

The 2020 Midsummer at Dalesburg has been cancelled. 

Recipes of our Grandmothers

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Santa Lucia Festival on SDPB Dakota Life

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Upcoming Events!

Dalesburg Scandinavian Association announces these upcoming events!

Welcome! Invite Your Friends & Relatives!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 in Beresford
Annual Meeting / Luncheon
Call Connie Richards (605-763-5128) for information and to make a reservation.
Call Ron Johnson (605-253-2575) with nominations for the Lucia Court.

Sunday, December 15, 2019; 3:00 p.m.
at Dalesburg Lutheran Church
The 42nd Celebration of the St. Lucia Tradition in Dalesburg

Friday, June 19 and Sunday, June 21, 2020
at Dalesburg Lutheran Church
The 151st Annual Midsummer Festival in Dalesburg

Saturday, October 26, 2019
Wausa Swedish Smörgåsbord in Nebraska.
Contact: Doug Johnson (402-586-2266) for information.

December 2019
Lutfisk and Meatball Supper at St. Paul Lutheran Church
Contact Pat Olson (712-277-4043) for information.

Midsummer 2019 Program